IT Services

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IT Services We Offer
Break & Repair

Many times our first introduction to a company that turns into a long lasting relationship is when they are calling for a break/fix situation. The initial complaint may not be the root of the problem. For instance, the installation of a new device some novice user installed brought the whole network down.
Risk & Security Assessment

The world is getting smaller in terms of information and who can access it. The advent of social networking sites, blogs, and personal websites has increased everyone’s visibility… and vulnerability. These days it’s no wonder people are a little wary of privacy concerns. HIPAA legislation in the healthcare sector aims to fix that. Bring us on board to identify and resolve the vulnerabilities of your network.
Server Maintenance & Install

Server installations are complicated. We will try to make it easy. Our network IT consultant performs an audit or inquiry before proceeding with a quote to provide you the best server and configuration to meet your needs.
Computer Upgrades and Migrations

Data migrations are no fun but necessary. Companies such as Microsoft and Apple stop supporting and patching an older product like Windows XP or a dated version of Mac OS X; and all of a sudden you out of compliance with current risk management software and vulnerable to attack. Software conflicts can also prevent specific applications from being updated or from running at all. Allow us to smoothly bring you up to date, preserving your data and structure.
Small Business IT Support

Explore the evolution of Small Business IT Support to avoid many issues with scaling your network and the security issues that come with it.