Drone Repair

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Don't worry!  We can fix it!

We are Pensacola and surrounding areas only drone repair service center!  It's true and we are proud of it.  We can fix your drone fast.  How do we do this?  It's simple, by having a huge staff of young genius drone techs, access to some sophisticated software, and a huge warehouse full of stocked parts!

What we do!

Diagnose and repair your phantom, parrot, and other drones whether they are unresponsive, out of alignment, slow or have been damaged in a crash. A firmware upgrade may be in order. Often gimbles are out of balance or video quality and connection may require configuration to run at optimal performance. Just like with any vehicle, drones require regular tune-ups and we are happy to run test-flights for you as well. We enjoy it so don’t be a stranger.


  • Diagnosis
  • Water Damage Repair
  • Wing/Modular Repair
  • Flight Control Board Repair
  • Gimbal and GoPro Installations
  • Battery Replacment
  • Flight Test and Training

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