Life In the Spider Web iPhone Screen

In a way it's a relief. In a way. Not sure if this is an iPhone 4 or an iPhone 4S. It's the white one. I think Demetrius said it's the S. At any rate, the other evening I was sort of popping it from one hand to the other to put it on the piano — one of it's resting places — while also worrying/considering/stressing about something, probably having to do with money. And somehow the phone didn't make it from one hand to the other.

Cracked iPhone 4 Screen
Cracked iPhone 4 Screen

How people keep these things in one piece without a case is a total mystery to me and I have a pretty robust case called an Otterbox. It's a thick, bulky case made of plastic and rubber that pretty much doubles the size of the iPhone. But this thing landed straight on it's back with a loud SMACK on the hardwood floor and Rivka and I immediately knew it had been a transformational moment of non-mindfullness.

There's a really awesome iPhone App Adobe makes called Image Capture that I've been wanting for a while and it requires a newer iPhone than the four, so this may be just the excuse to buy yet another piece of technology. I originally paid $100 for this phone, used, with the case, and Demetrius says it costs like $80 to repair the screen.

You can repair an iPhone screen yourself. The iFixit website has awesome step-by-step guides for iPhone, iPad and Computer repairs of all sorts. The iPhone 4 screen repair guide is here. It says it's difficult, and without even reading it, I'm sure it is. At a glance it doesn't look like it requires a bunch of rare tools and parts. The iPhone 5 and 6 seem to have repair kits that alone cost like $80. Nine sections, 40 steps, 20 - 30 minutes. And there's always at least one part where you're likely to break something if you do it wrong.

Our old 13" powerbook keyboard had a wobbly F1 or F2 key for the rest of it's life following some repair I did. So I'm still undecided about how to properly deal with this iPhone 4 screen situation. In the meantime, when you text me, know that I will be reading and writing within a glass spider web. Expletive — but a gentle one.