Time to Join the iPad Club?

Emilio Zef China with Peter Murphy
Emilio Zef China with Peter Murphy

Best friend has an iPad. He uses it to control his electronic digital music effects: delays, reverbs, distortions, etc. He’s in Portugal right now on tour with Peter Murphy. He plays violin. They’re doing a festival co-headlining with musical pioneer Brian Eno. Not saying that simply owning an iPad get's him performing for thousands of people in Europe, Mexico and all over the US, but it is part of the set-up. Apparently he sees people using iPads to control the stage lights, sound monitors, book hotel rooms, etc. all the time. They are also, of course, much less cumbersome than a laptop on some of the long plane and bus rides.

rivka with moustache
Rivka uses mascara to accentuate facial hair.

My partner Rivka has an iPad. She, I mean they recently came out as gender-fluid. Now she  I mean they - still getting used to it - gets the best of both worlds. Er, ish. Owning an iPad isn't necessarily going to open the minds of our culture, but it helps get the word out - and in. Rather than plucking it out, Rivka now accentuates facial hair with mascara. It's been through the window of their iPad that they have learned through friends, social media and various publications, that our culture is evolving up from a binary view of gender.

Child_with_Apple_iPadChildren have their home school apps on their iPad. More on that in a future posting.

Once a month I sit at a board meeting for the Transportation Planning Organization’s Citizen’s Advisory Board. They used to hand out paper copies of the hundred-something page agenda. Now everybody brings a tablet or iPad. This laptop is too big to have sitting on the table in front of me.

Maybe it’s time to get an iPad.

Photo source: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/a/a3/Child_with_Apple_iPad.jpg