iPad Literature?

iPad Mortar Pestle Case
iPad Case design by Susan Savad

Hello dear readers and thanks for excusing the extended hibernation. Wow. I spelled hibernation right on the first try. It usually sounds like high-brah-na-shon when I say or think it so I spell it that way on the first try (or three). Then there;s the opposite problem where I start pronouncing something the way it's spelled after I learn the spelling. This happened with turmeric. I always pronounced it too-mer-ick. OK. Wait. I just looked it up to check. I think I learned too-mer-ick from my dad. So the first think I find is a couple of audio files on the auspicious sounding dictionary dot cambridge dot org both of which enunciate very clearly, tur-mer-ick. (By the way I thought enunciate was uh-nun-see-ate, spelled with an A in the beginning.) The second hit is a youtube video with over a hundred thousand views that pronounces it too-mer-ick. But guess what? There are a hundred comments, almost all to the effect of, "WRONG! Or as you would say, WONG."

Turmeric, by the way is the key ingredient in Golden Milk, an ayurvedic drink that I make by boiling turmeric, ginger and/or black pepper or some other hot spice, then combining with milk (ideally raw milk) or coconut milk and a fat like coconut oil. The turmeric is said to be an extremely powerful anticarginogen which the body is best able to extract the curcumin from when I hot spice is also present. I also put reishi mushroom in when I can get it and have recently gotten into adding just a tiny bit of cacao nibs I crush up in the mortar and pestle while chanting, "please God, grant me an iPad". No. Just kidding. But it does seem prudent to at least mention iPads.

dogpuppylaptopSpeaking of pads, dear Kyle and Chelsea are about to have a baby. But don't put an iPad under the baby. There are other kinds of pads for that. Once a friend of ours toddler stood above his MacBook Pro, lifted the lid, and demonstrated that it could also be used as a toilet! Incredibly the computer was able to be repaired. Good thing the boy was only doing "number one", I guess.

At any rate, what I actually sat down to write today are just some thoughts about what would make sense to explore as we generate some iPad-specific content over the next few months. In many ways, I find Marketing to be a sleazy and distasteful endeavor. Clawing our way to the top of peoples consciousness by littering the datasphere with redundant information. Let's face it. I'm probably not going to be discovering any new and brilliant technological use for the iPad here. Forget turmeric! Use your iPad to prevent cancer!

Here's a few thoughts and I'd love to get comments back.

  • Laptop, iPad or Tablet. The Pros and Cons
  • iPad and the Cloud - configuration tips
  • Basic iPad Maintenance
  • Top some number iPad apps for some task
  • Freeing up iPad memory
  • iPad upgrades and planned obsolescence
  • Best iPad cases and what options to consider

By the way, it looks like I got 'obsolescence' on the first try. Man this golden milk is awesome. Personally I would love to have an iPad. Rivka has one, and while I don't have any interest in using it for stuff like writing or web development, it would be really handy for taking to meetings, or for reading articles or digital literature. But for the record, I'm still digging paper books. I have found, and even been told it's scientifically confirmed that the physical location of information in various sections of left and right hand pages of a physical book is a tool for integrating and remembering.

Speaking of remembering, my best friend Emilio recently told me that when you can't remember something, you should visualize "polarities" like sun/moon, black/white (a checkerboard or disco dance floor) when you know you know something but can't remember it.

If you like that iPad case design in the image above, check it out here. And the puppy pic is from here..