MacKeeper and the case of the annoying, unrequested popups

Unrequested, uninvited, uninstalled, baby!

Good goddess. MacKeeper is like bedbugs. My friends who live in a warehouse in Newark (New Jersey) have been dealing, on and off, with this current plague of pests for years now. Must suck. Having to wash every piece of bedding you own. I think most of the clothes get washed. At one point they paid like thousands of dollars for an exterminator. But there are other lofts in the building, aren't there? And bedbug eggs can life for a year. Of maybe it's the bedbugs hibronating... I mean hibernating.

So here's MacKeeper, again, to remind me of bedbugs. Where did you come from? Argh! What did I download yesterday? All I see is NicePlayer which... wait a minute? Firefox prompted me to download it, I thought. Quick Google Search leads me to this. Expletive! It was the end of a long day and a client sent me a file in a "proprietary" format for an application I nether have nor want at the moment. So I used an online (cloud-based, dude) migration which didn't even work. But something seems fishy about this.

I could - and may end up - restore yesterday's Time Machine back-up (I use a QNAP for what's called Network Attached Storage - the whole household shares music, images, etc. Awesome). But let's do a little detective work anyway. One thing I definitely want to do is backup some work I did yesterday, just in case of worst case. (Hay it's an of worst sandwich on case bread). I back up a lot of my work using a terminal-based system called Git, and if you know what terminal means, you might want to check Git out.

Anyway let's check this MacKeeper thing out (again!). This person recommends CleanMyMac; another commercial application. Mac World is a pretty stable, reputable magazine from what I know. At least I've been seeing it for like twenty years. Here's what they say. First you have to run and quit the Mac Keeper application once. Then you can open your Applications folder and drag the MacKeeper icon to the track. I mean trash. Then you open ~/Library/Application Support. To access this Library folder hold down the Option key and, in the Finder, choose Go > Library. Note that you may not see the Library directory (aka folder) because the later OS X systems have it hidden by default, which is why to make it appear in the "Go" dropdown menu, you have to press the option button while mousing over the Go tab. Once in ~/Library/Application Support, look for the MacKeeper Helper directory.

Wanna know what's funny? The MacKeeper Helper folder isn't there, but two CleanMyMac ones are! I must have followed the other guys directions previously, but I don't see the Application on the computer so I must have removed it. Where were we? Oh yea.

Well, now let's remove:

  • ~/Library/Caches/com.mackeeper.MacKeeper
  • ~/Library/Caches/com.mackeeper.MacKeeper.Helper
  • ~/Library/LaunchAgents/com.mackeeper.MacKeeper.Helper.plist
  • ~/Library/Application Support/MacKeeper Helper
  • ~/Library/LaunchDaemons/com.mackeeper.MacKeeper.plugin.AntiTheft.daemon.plist

You can do that by sending them all to the trash manually through the finder or in the terminal you can run `rm ~/Library/Caches/com.mackeeper.MacKeeper` for each, or even be super hacky and paste this into the terminal an knock them all out with one fell swoop.

declare -a keepersnot=("~/Library/Caches/com.mackeeper.MacKeeper", 
"~/Library/Application Support/MacKeeper Helper", 

## now loop through the above array
for i in "${keepersnot[@]}"
   echo "deleting $i"
   rm $i
   # or do whatever with individual element of the array

Himalayan Salt in MortarYou think I'm nuts now, I know. OK. I'm back. You didn't even know I had left. Fortunately our three year old has forgotten that she doesn't like cucumber skin - as long as they are served in discs that she can sprinkle our pink sea salt on. We get the large crystals and crush them in a mortar and pestle, but where were we? Breakfast salad's are the best. No, that's not where we were. Touch-typing was well worth learning in my mid-fourties, even though it wasn't a totally thorough development. No, that wasn't it. Oh yea. Guess what?

Those MacKeeper Library directories didn't exist on my computer. Is MacKeeper gone? I checked the Activity Monitor before (after the first pop-up appeared) and found a MacKeeper process. What's this `imklaunchagent` thing?

Activity Monitor Showing imklaunchagent

What is this imklaunchagent thing in the Activity Monitor?

It's nothing (to worry about). Check via Spotlight:

OS X Spotlight seeking MacKeeper files

You can actually drag it to the trash right from the Spotlight interface.

Ah. MacKeeper Backups. You can actually drag it to the trash right from the Spotlight interface. (We already said that). Bye, MacKeeper Backups.

Mac OS X has this nice warning when you add a new unfamiliar Application.

Mac OS X has this nice warning when you add a new unfamiliar Application.

Arrite. What's going on with this (expletive) Nice Player thing? I see that it's installed, but hasn't actually been run yet. Well, the Average Joe Guide isn't giving a whole lot of information. I dragged the Application Icon to the trash, as well as the installer. Emptied the trash and will continue on with the day.



In case of worst case scenario, there's always Kyle and the crew at Palafox Computers to clean up my mess. Oh yea - and the Time Machine backup, too.

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