iPhone 4 Battery Replacement Trials and Tribulations

iPhone 4This iPhone 4 is ancient by technology standards, but it was $100 used last year (with a hard-core Otterbox case), and does what I need it to. Don't get me wrong; in many ways the Android Evo, Sprint hooked up previously was actually preferable. This thing is tiny. And I miss swype. The spell check on this thing is annoying. An actual text: "Spell check he'll". But these days I'm usually at the computer, so why spend either $600 at a pop or have the phone company lock you into a contract through which they basically sell you one with interest payments worked into your monthly bill.

s-l400Anyway it finally got to the point where the battery (on the iPhone 4) could barely make it through a few conversations. I phound a (non-Apple, which is not ideal) battery and charger set for like 8 bucks with shipping on Ebay and went for it. I know, I know we're sending all our money to China to support an environmentally disabled slave economy. We try to make it an exception around here.

So - to change the battery. I'm a bit of a DIY cat and you might be better off bringing it by the store, but I'm following this iFixit video. iFixit are, like, the go-to spot for OS X tips and they sell parts and tool kits as well, one of which they mention in the video.

Apple iPhone Repair Tool KitRivka had to help me on this one because although it's a ten minute job, the first two screws you have to remove are literally the size of ants. I've seen ants twice their size. And these old eyes couldn't make out if it was a phillips head or the (Apple-specific?) five-pointed safety screws that are also mentioned. Fortunately the little Apple repair kit (that I think Kyle and them may have sold, or even given me at one point) had a screw driver that fit the bill and the screws are sitting in a little bowl on the table here. To be specific, it's an indentation in this awesome piece of redwood root knot we turned into a table.

Wanna know what's funny? This battery totally doesn't fit in this phone. Looks like it would have been prudent to take a little more time in iPhone model identification. And the battery broke when I was trying to put it in. So now my iPhone is reassembled (that's fancy for "back together") with the old barely-working battery and I'm off to Ebay again... looking for a just plain iPhone 4 battery. Not an iPhone 4 S. This battery actually says "Replacement for 4G S" which I don't even see as existing. I see a 3G S. Maybe the whole thing is a scam and there isn't even an item in the world into which this battery fits. Oh well. At least the charger works.

iPhone 4 batteryEbay! Darn it. I don't want an external charger for my iPhone. Oh look. There's the eight dollar "1420mAh Battery+Rapid Fast Travel Home Wall AC Charger for Apple iPhone 4S 4GS" that suckered me in the other day. Ahhhh! I was looking in the chargers and cables category! In cell phones and accessories there's even a battery that comes with the tools you need to replace it, for like $6 bucks. Tons of 'em. I don't need the tools, so I'm gonna get this one, which says it's the "highest quality" and even ships from Florida. Over 22,000 sold! Wow!

Wish me luck.

NOTE: From what I can tell the G's are implied, so the iPhone 4 and 4S are synonymous with iPhone 4G and iPhone 4G S, but I could be wrong.

NOTE 2: I don't know if Apple makes cell phone batteries so the "non-Apple, which is not ideal" parenthetical, while it does apply to many accessories, doesn't really apply here. I feel like when I was replacing a laptop battery a few years ago people were recommending not to buy non-Apple batteries.

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